About Eternal Etchings

Kevin Hale, artist and owner of Eternal Etchings, has been creating original artwork for monuments and memorials for over 14 years. He personally hand-etched all of his work until 2007, when he transitioned to a laser etching system to meet growing demand for his art. Since then, he has mastered the craft of laser etching using Vytek L-Star System technology, and amassed an extensive inventory of original hand drawn, laser ready art.

A portion of Kevin’s original artwork has now been released into online galleries, where it is available to be licensed for use by other laser etching companies.

[prompt type=”left” title=”Inventory of Original Artwork” message=”Because our laser ready artwork is fully compatible and interchangeable across scenes, we can quickly create custom designs using stock artwork.” button_text=”See a Sample”  circle=”true” href=”http://www.eternalartwork.com/?page_id=2016″]



In addition to offering stock artwork online, we continue to produce some of the most advanced custom design and portraits available today.





[prompt type=”left” title=”Custom Design and Portraits” message=”In many cases of custom design, family members don’t have one perfect photograph to work from, so they rely on our Artist’s gift for piecing together photographs and memories.” button_text=”See a Sample” circle=”true” href=”http://www.eternalartwork.com/?page_id=2314″]