Laser Ready Artwork

Create Custom Scenes from Stock Artwork

Because our laser ready artwork is fully compatible and interchangeable across scenes, we can create custom designs faster.

How to use the Online Artwork Galleries

Step 1

Choose your scene and other stock artwork from the online galleries

Step 2

Request a proof online and let us know how you want it configured

Step 3

Our artist will create your personalized design for free and email a proof.

Step 4

Pay a flat fee for laser ready file and one-time-use license for the design.



*Additional Terms and Conditions

1. Standard customization includes moving or removing any stock artwork from a scene in the collection, adding into the scene any other stock artwork from the collection, and artistic touch up of light and shadows throughout the design after it has been reconfigured. Also includes adjustments for size and shape of the monument and placement of sandblast lettering–only for square, rectangular, or serp top monuments up to 5 ft wide. Advanced customization to accommodate larger or specialty shaped monuments, or to add custom design or portraits, will require additional time and cost for proofing. Contact us for a quote.

2. Purchase price for custom proof includes laser ready high resolution file and one time use license for artwork contained in the proof. One-time-use license allows design to be etched onto a single side of a monument.